• Food industry
    Art Metall Pack manufactures tin packing mainly for the food industry.

  • Chemical industry
    Chemical industry is one more area of application of our products.



Art Metall Pack is a specialized producer of the tin food packing, primarily tin coffee cans and cans for other free-flowing products, as well as aerosol cans and ends of the type "easy peels".

The products of our company are well known in Russia and Europe, and are widely used in the chemical industry. We deliver our products to enterprises and to small and medium businesses. Many of our clients are well known brands such as Avalon, MilagroGrand, Petrosol, PUTechProf. and Grand.

Our main facilities are located in the city of Viazma, Smolensk region of Russia.

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Information About Us

Art Metall Pack was established in May 2003. Since then, we permanently increase capacity of our facilities, and nomenclature of our packing products.

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  • State of the art equipment
    Our company uses only state of the art equipment, which allows us to deliver the high quality products to our clients in Russia and the Eastern Europe. Our equipment comes from major suppliers such as "Souronic" (Switzerland) and other internationally known brands.

  • High performance
    The performance of our production lines is currently rated at 800 containers and 400 covers per minute, while the main assembly line is capable of producing up to 220 final products a minute. Our factory delivers about several millions tin packing products monthly.



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15.06.2009 - 19.06.2009
ROSUPAK - 2009.

ROSUPAK is the largest event in the post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe showing the progress achieved by the industry in the recent decade and tendencies in the global packaging market as well.

The 14th international exhibition ROSUPAK 2009: the heartbeat of the packaging industry.

ROSUPAK 2009: new market!

Almost half of the amount of the ROSUPAK exhibition visitors are interested in premium packaging

There will be always something exclusive in the price as it always had been before...


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