Art Metall Pack is committed to produce and deliver to the market such types of tin packing products, which withstand the most serious aesthetic demands of modern consumers. In the same time all of the company products are technologically robust and convenient for the consumers.

Today we produce three types of products: tin cans for coffee, cans for aerosols and ends for cans (of type easy peals). All these products are very popular among producers of free-flowing food products and aerosols of different types, such as paints foams.

Not only are the products of Art Metall Pack distinguished, but they also are good-looking. Progress in the offset printing and many advances in the technology led to the fact that images printed on the metal packing are almost of the same quality as on the pages of the high quality journals.

However our clients are attracted not only by the outlook of our products but also by their consumer qualities. The tin packing, unlike other types of packing such as plastic or paper, is generally used to contain the high quality products, which often are the flagships of the product lines.

The most valuable property of metals are their strength, which simplifies the transportation process of products. Modern tin packing is also very light (almost as light as its plastic or pasteboard alternatives). Reduced mass of the packing does also contribute to a substantial reduction in the transportation expanses.

An important property of our products is the metal from which they are made. This metal does not react with the content of the cans. This is why the tin packing can prolong period of storage of the food products.


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Our products, which are free-flowing food packing and aerosol cans, are very popular among the manufactures

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