Art Metall Pack was established in May 2003. Since then, we permanently increase capacity of our facilities, and nomenclature of our packing products.

Our initial facilities occupied an owned 30,000 square meters of land (~107639 square feet), where the 1400 square meters of production facilities and offices were build. After one year of operations a new 1800 square meter facilities were build, where production of the food tin packing and the ends of type "easy peels" was started.

At the beginning of year 2006, our company had already operated state of the art equipment and had become a known brand in the area, thanks to the quality of our products, which nowadays are well known in Russia and in the Eastern Europe.

Currently we are building a new world class storage facilities with the overall capacity of 1800 square meters.


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ArtMetallPack is known in Russia and the Eastern Europe, as a producer of high quality packing products. We uses only the best equipment available in our field of business.

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Panino, Viazma, Smolensk region, Russia, 215100 Design & Support Arttechnics
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