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Art Metall Pack company is the only manufacturer of ends of the type "easy peel" and one of the biggest manufacturers of coffer and aerosol cans in Russia. The main production is carried out in the city of Viazma, Smolensk region of Russia, where our main facilities are deployed.

Starting from the very beginning of its operations, in year 2003, the company permanently increases the rate and assortment of the production. The company plant consists of two buildings, first of them is a 1400 square meters workshop, where production of the aerosol cans is located, the second one is a 1800 square meters workshop where the food tin packing and ends is produced.

The company operates state of the art equipment, which allows us to deliver a high quality products to our clients in Russia and the Eastern Europe. Our equipment comes from the major suppliers such as "Soudronic" (Switzerland) and other internationally known brands. The main production lines capacities are currently 800 cans and 400 ends per minute, while the main assembly line is capable of producing up to 220 final products a minute. Our factory delivers about several millions of the tin packings annually.

Our employees are educated professionals, who knows the production well and competently perform their duties. Our current staff consists of 80 employees. The company pays significant attention to the professional growth of its specialists.

The quality control is permanently performed by the department of quality, where our own products and products of other suppliers are tested against the standards, issued by the Russian Committee for standards.


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State of the art equipment ensures our success on the Russian and East European markets.

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